How to Rebut a Life Care Plan

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Small Details May Compound Into Large Dollar Amounts

[/ultimate_heading][vc_column_text]Reviewing and verifying the accuracy of a Life Care Plan is important for both Plaintiff and Defense in order to realistically determine the damages and predicted medical costs for a patient with an illness or injury.  Here are some key areas to consider when writing or reviewing any life care plan:

  • Life Expectancy Calculation – Life expectancy can be reduced by injury, disease, or prior medical history. Life expectancy also increases in some cases such as if a birth year-specific cohort table is used rather than a generic table
  • Medication Review – Pharmacy costs are are major part of a life care plan. Calculated future costs can increase considerably if brand name medications are priced rather than generics, if future availability of generic medications is not considered, or if fundamentally unnecessary medications are projected such as lifetime opioid usage.  Calculated future costs can also understate costs if future needs are not considered as the natural history of a condition requires more complex care.



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